Do You Need Emergency Tree Removal? Find Out

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Trees are important for people and biodiversity. Trees stabilize the ground below through the extensive root system, reducing soil erosion. Additionally, they boost your property's curb appeal, making your exterior look attractive. However, if the tree's condition threatens your property's safety, you must remove it. In this case, you want to engage a tree removal service to bring down the tree safely. Below are signs you need emergency tree removal.

Abnormal Leaning 

If you notice a tree leaning on one side, you should remove it immediately. In most cases, this could result from weather elements such as high-velocity winds and floods that bend the trees. On the other hand, structural adjustments in your property may interfere with the root system, compromising the tree's stability. As such, a tree with a vertical lean may topple unexpectedly, causing damage to the nearby structures. Therefore, you should contact a professional arborist to remove it and avoid damage or costly injuries. 

Trees Close to Power Lines

When trees grow exceedingly, their branches may hang over power cables. In addition, planting trees too close to electric lines may cause the branches to intertwine and interfere with the cables. If you fail to address this, the power lines may pose a safety hazard during inclement weather. In addition, a spark discharge may cause the tree to burn where dead branches are overhanging. On the other hand, weak and bending trees can easily topple over the power cables during a storm. When this happens, it may lead to extensive damage to the power lines while increasing the risk of electrocution and electric fire.

Signs of Tree Diseases

If you spot signs of tree diseases, you should schedule a removal. This includes signs such as spotted leaves, unusual growth patterns, wilting leaves, and pest infestation. Note that when you ignore these signs, diseases may take a toll on your trees, causing large branches to fall. Furthermore, diseases reduce the number of yields on fruit-bearing trees, and it is best to remove them to sustain the health of the surrounding plants.

Extensive Damage

Adverse weather conditions, such as storms and lightning strikes, can severely damage trees. In addition, structural adjustments in your property can wreak havoc on the tree roots, causing them to decay. Consequently, you may notice pieces of missing bark, cavities, and fungus growing at the tree base. Since tree damage is unsightly and compromises its structural integrity, you should contact an arborist to remove damaged plants right away.

Emergency tree removal is crucial for your home's safety. Therefore, you should schedule the service with an arborist to ensure they remove the unwanted trees safely.

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